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Baby activity logger BabyCare
Capture every magical moment and
bring bliss to child care!
Activity Logs, reminders, and statistics
all for your baby's smile
BabyCare lets you log your baby’s sleep and feeding sessions, diaper changes, milestones, as well as other important events and activities. Intelligent alarms enable you to stay on top of your little one’s changing schedule. Statistical reports allow you to identify your baby’s natural eating and sleep rhythms and trends, making it possible to anticipate your baby’s needs and prepare accordingly.
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BabyCare Lite BabayCare
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Activity tracker is easy
Simple and Intuitive
User Interface

Everything is just a few clicks away!
Activity logger is easy
Log and remind about baby's daily activities
BabyCare helps you to log feeding and sleep sessions, diaper changes, and special events. It also provides intelligent reminders based on patterns found in the logs.
Generate weekly or monthly statistical reports
BabyCare enables you to stay on top of your baby's growth and development by charting logged data.
Activity chart is easy
export for paediatrician is easy
E-mail or print statistical reports
All statistical reports can be easily sent to your printer or e-mailed as PDF files.
User interface optimized for both
iPhone and iPad users

Whether you use your iPhone, iPad, or both devices, our intuitive UI provides you with the same enjoyable user experience.
BabyCare optimized for iPad BabyCare optimized for iPhone
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